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Happy Thanksgiving!  

It is hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving week already!  I wish everyone the best holiday ever.  Have safe travels and enjoy your family time!  

I love to think about this time of year, because it really does remind me to be grateful for all of the blessing that I have in my life.  You are one of my blessings, so thank you for being a part of my life and MLBBC!  Without you, I would not be able to help as many women feel better, get stronger, and change their lives!

Remember that this day is not about the food.  Throughout history - even as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans - people feasted and paid tribute to their gods, thanking them for the bountiful harvest that year.  So it is not really only about the Pilgrims that we know, it is about coming together sharing an attitude of gratefulness for what we have.  In the past, food was not as readily available as it is today, so feeling blessed to have a fall harvest to keep you and your family alive through the winter, was something that was vitally important to everyone in the community.  Today, we are blessed to not have to worry about whether or not we have stocked enough to get us through the winter and that is a blessing.  

Think about everything that you do have in your life and how truly blessed you are.  We take for granted that we have heat, food, clothing, shoes, and medications if we get sick, not everyone has those basics.  So in saying Happy Thanksgiving to you, my heart is full of all the extras that I am so blessed to have.  A great and loving family, a warm house, healthy food in my fridge, an amazing gym to workout in, my health and my strength, I am not sure that I could ask for or want any more!  

Here’s to all the blessings that you have in your life.  Thank you for being a part of it all!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!  I love you!  Em     

How to Avoid Getting Stuffed on Thanksgiving

BY COACH STEVO and MyFitness Pal

It seems like any meal you call a feast is bound to cause dread in dieters everywhere. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we changed the name to “Thanksgiving Light Evening Snack With Family and Friends.” There might be less indigestion, but I doubt a name that cumbersome is likely to catch on. And overeating at Thanksgiving is a tradition in this country. Just like going back and eating more leftovers even though you’re still totally full from the night before.

Overeating is weird, if you think about it. If I offered people a delicious dinner under the condition that got to punch them in the stomach when they’re done eating it, I wonder how many takers I’d get? But to me, that’s exactly what it feels like when I eat too much. Except whoever punched me didn’t take their fist away for a few hours.

In order to combat this very real pain in my gut when I over eat, a few years ago I started using some of the habits that my clients and I work on during Thanksgiving and have found some really helpful tips to avoid that “punched in the stomach” feeling after the meal.


You’re likely not trying to maximize your caloric intake or win an officially sanctioned competitive eating contest. So why are you eating? Enjoy some delicious foods that you remember from growing up? Trying something new? Whatever your goal, just remember the words of Grant Achatz, Executive Chef of Alinea (the best restaurant in the world): “You taste the first 3 bites. After that, it’s eating.”


Yes, this works. Dr. Brian Wansink of the Cornell Food Lab has shown over and over again that if you use a smaller plate, you eat less food without even noticing. Even if you go back for seconds! It works so well that he formed a non-profit to promote smaller plate sizes called “The Small Plate Movement.” So grab a dessert plate and remember Dr. Wansink’s advice: “The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on.”


It’s not the first bites that get you, it’s the last bites that put you over the top. So cover your plate with your napkin when you’re done. Putting a barrier between you and the food is a great way to avoid mindlessly nibbling, and it’s a nice ritual to separate “eating time” from “digesting time.”


On an embarrassing personal note, I went to manners class when I was 8 years old. Other than learning what all the forks are for (turns out, they’re all for eating things), our super scary teacher also taught us to put down our silverware between each bite and chew facing forward while listening to other people talk. This is a great trick to make 8 year olds slow the heck down and at least give the appearance that they are listening to what you say. So it’s not just a great way to slow down your eating, but focus on what Thanksgiving is really about: pretending to listen to people while you eat.

Grammie's Cranberry Salsa


cranberry-salsa.jpgWell….not my Grammie, but if you are looking for something different to do with cranberries this year, why not try this surprising twist on salsa?  Combined with the a few traditional salsa ingredients, the the cranberry tang along with citrus sweetness of orange make a delicious and healthy appetizer that your family will love!  Of course it goes great with snack breads, crackers, and rolls but is also super yummy as a veggie dip.  Try it this Thanksgiving and the cranberries will actually get eaten this year :)

  • 1 (6 ounce) can frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed and undiluted

  • 1 cup cranberries, coarsely chopped

  • Cranberries Fresh

  • 2 yellow bell peppers, chopped

  • 1 fresh red chile pepper, chopped

  • 1 red onion, chopped

  • 1 clove garlic, finely chopped

  • 1/2 cup fresh cilantro leaves

  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin, or to taste

Mix frozen orange juice concentrate, cranberries, yellow bell peppers, red chilie pepper, red onion, garlic, cilantro, and cumin seeds together in a serving dish. Stir to combine.

Cook's Note:  To make the salsa milder, remove the seeds and membrane from the red chile pepper before chopping.

Nutritional Information​:  1 Serving, Servings Per Recipe: 10

Amount Per Serving - Calories: 52; Fat: 0.2; Carbohydrates: 12.4​; Protein: 1.1

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A Healthy Pregnancy with MyLeanBody Boot Camp


Dear Emily,

Thank you to you and your wonderful MLBBC team for helping me along my journey to maintaining a healthy pregnancy!  I am so thrilled that this has been a dramatically different and positive pregnancy, and my doctor is quite please with how wonderfully it is progressing especially considering the issues I had with my first daughter.  Preeclampsia and blood pressure issues with my first caused a need for me to be induced at 37 weeks.  Not only were these serious health issues for me and my daughter, I also gained 55+ pounds and had outgrown most of my clothes by the end of my first trimester!  Because of all of this, I was considered high risk and was quite worried when we found out I was pregnant with baby number 2.  

I am so happy that I had started boot camp before I found out I was pregnant this time!  I have no doubt that it is due to your incredible workouts I did along the way as well as the healthy habits I had learned through doing the Diet Doc program that have resulted in no preeclampsia or blood pressure issues, and have kept my weight gain to a healthy, doctor recommended 25-35 pound range!!!!  Not only is my baby healthy, but this go around I was able to wear my regular clothes until 18-20 weeks!!  

All the way through I have felt so much better this pregnancy!  Even now towards the end I am able to get around so much easier, which is needed with chasing a 3 year old while pregnant. I would have done boot camp until I delivered if it wasn't for the cramps and Braxton hicks.  So while my boot camp workouts are on hold for now, after delivery and  I get my doctor’s okay, I will be back...healthy, strong and ready to get my pre-baby body back!  Thank you from me and my whole family.          Love, Katie

Now I want to play with my kids at the park


In June of 2015 I decided that it was time to make a change in my life. My husband, Steve and I had already changed our diet by removing most processed food and we felt changes in our bodies from that, but we had not done much to become more physically fit. Our kids were 4 and 2 and they were ready to play, but I was not. I did not have the energy I wanted to be able to do anything other than sit and watch them when we would do things like go to the park. I decided that it was time to become STRONG and FIT.

This started a life change for me, I started working out every day and really monitoring what I ate. I worked out at home for about two years and saw results. I was able to become stronger than I thought I could ever be and was really proud of myself. When I noticed  I was not pushing myself as hard and I knew I could go, my friend, Susan Mohr, suggested I try MyLeanBody Boot Camp.  She mentioned there was a no gain campaign going on from Halloween through New Year’s for anyone, and I thought this would be a good starting place for me. I went to Emily’s nutrition class about how to make it through the holiday, and then I attended my first boot camp class on Halloween. Yes, it was the burpee circuit, and I was in love!!

From that first circuit to each boot camp class after I was hooked on MLBBC. I loved the women there, both the instructors and the other women working out in class. I had never felt so supported in my fitness journey in my whole life. I started going three days a week and I would not miss a day of boot camp. Even continuing my home workouts I pushed myself harder because I would hear Emily say “You can do it” in my head when I wanted to stop.

In February 2017 I quit my job at State Farm to spend more time with my kids and family, and with this decision Steve and I had to look at our finances. When we were reviewing Steve told me that I was not going to remove My Lean Body from the budget because it made me so happy to go.

In March of 2017 Emily approached me about becoming an instructor and I was honored to be considered. I love being  able to help other women become the best versions of themselves.  It has made me more confident in myself and in my relationship with others. And best of all I am the mom I always hoped to be. My kids will not recall a time where mom was not active and working out everyday and I want that to be their lifestyle too. Now when we go to the park I do not sit on a bench while my kids play. I am up there with them playing. We run, play Frisbee,  hike and bike. I am able to carry them to bed and pick them up when they fall. I have more energy than they do sometimes and I owe it all to working out and feeding my body what it needs. I am now strong, fit, and proud of myself.  I hope you can find inspiration in my story and something you can relate to here. Come and talk to me anytime you want to and I will be happy to share more.  Love, Ashley

Believe in yourself - anything that you can dream, you can achieve!!  
Start today, and make ever choice take you steps closer to that goal.  
I believe in you 100%!!  Love you!!  Em

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